Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Company’s Agreement:

Smile Surgical Instruments believes in the highest moral values and business ethics. Once a contract is made with a customer, we strongly aim at following it in its true spirit regarding the quality of product, packagiing, delivery time or any other particular need of the importer.


Our prices are stable for one year, after which they may be subject to a change depending upon general price increase of stainless steel. Instruments prices are revised according to the price of raw material and craftsmanship at the end of company’s financial year.

Minimum Orders:

We require a minimum order of US$ 500.00 to process a delivery.

Payment Terms:

With new customers, we require an advance payment of 100% for first six months. However, credit terms can be arranged according to the importers requirement after 6 months.

Freight & Shipping:

Smile Surgical provides different methods of delivery as per customers demand:

1)    By Air
2)    By Sea
3)    By Courier

Freight and shipping charges may be added to the invoice depending upon the nature of delivery unless otherwise stated by the importer. We deliver both C&F and FOB shipments.

Returns Policy:

A great deal of effort is made on packing your order with great care. Please inspect the instruments thoroughly for any loss or damage immediately upon delivery of products and file claim if products are found damaged. Concealed loss or damage must be reported within 5 days upon receipt.

Returns and Technical Support:

No returns are accepted without prior notices. Please call our customer service team or send email at info@smile-surgical.com to obtain your invoice number. We reserve the right to examine returned goods before issuing credit. Returns must be made as soon as possible. Our technical team will carry out all repairs quickly and reliably.